Taylor's Time

A Mobile Caregiver Connection and Payment Platform


White Label Solution

Taylors Time is a white label digital platform that provides a simple, comprehensive solution for finding, managing, and paying for certified caregivers.

For caregivers, Taylors Time provides a platform for finding high quality jobs.


Mobile First

Taylor’s Time is a mobile first solution built on native iOS and Android applications with an extensible AWS based cloud platform including an integrated credentialing and payment system.

Licenses including Source Code and development team support are available.


Full Booking Management

  • Parent Searches Profiles of Sitters
  • Match Skill Sets and Certifications for Child
  • Make a Booking Request
  • Sitter Is Notified and Can Review Parent’s Request and Child’s Profile
  • Sitter Confirms Booking
  • Reminders To Parent and Sitter of Upcoming Appointment
  • Geolocation and Automatic Time Tracking of Booking
  • Payment Settlement Upon Completion of Engagement
  • Parent Rating of Service Provided


Two Sided Marketplace and Community

Caregivers can list their services, set their own prices, and the platform has built in verification of certifications.  Parents can search for providers, rely upon other trusted members of the community, request services, and review providers after completion.  Both sides can communicate through the platform with messaging and anonymous telephone calls within the app. The app uses geo location services to confirm the provider is on location when starting and stopping the billing time clock.  Payment is settlement is automatic within the platform, providing convenience, dispensing with cash, and enabling repeat booking.

Full Administrative Backend

The back office provides complete control over all aspects of buyers and sellers within the marketplace.  Administrators can review credentials, revoke certifications, and monitor service history, billing, payment, reviews and disputes. All transaction and registration history is available and exportable for analysis from within the web interface.

A Complete Solution

If you are exploring the creation of a application-based service marketplace, surely you have encountered the many pitfalls: provider identification and certification, credentialing, easy customer registration, verified marketplace reviews, anonymous but monitored communication between buyers and sellers, secure storage of payment information and credentials, automatic service tracking, and payment settlement.  Taylors time is a complete solution built by a team that understands these challenges, and has designed a solution that can be customized to your solution fast!

Solution Infrastructure

The Opportunity

Looking to create a service provider marketplace?

Why not start with something that works!


Rebrand Ready

A complete white label solution, fully rebrand ready, capable of MVP delivery in 45 days



Fully native iOS and Android apps built with the latest native tools both for user familiarity and speedy approval.


AWS Hosted

Hosted in AWS for scalable performance and reliability. Back end built integrated with payment settlement solutions and credentialing systems.


The Team

The original development team is available for further customization if required.  Training and technology transfer to in house teams can be supplied.

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